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Laptop sleeve

Laptop sleeve

This is really quick to make – apart from the patchwork. So to save time, unless you have some ready-made patchwork to hand, use any printed fabric instead.

1. Select fabric. For the outer part of the cover, I cut scraps of printed cotton fabrics into strips and joined them to form a striped patchwork. For the lining I used plain red cotton fabric.
2. To assess the size of the sleeve, fold the fabric in half and place the laptop on top, about 2cm up from the fold. Measure and draw a line either side, 2.5cm from the edge of the laptop; at the top end, on the narrow side opposite the fold, draw a line about 6cm from the edge of the laptop. Cut the fabric along these lines.
3. Place the patchwork (outer) fabric face up on top of a piece of wadding that is slightly larger all round. Pin the layers together, then machine quilt. To do this, I machhine stitched along the joins, then machine stitched wavy lines down the length of the fabric. To make the lining, stitch the side seams with a 12mm seam allowance. Slip the laptop inside the lining to chack that it fits, then stitch the side seams of the outer part of the cover. Slip the lining inside the outer, fold under 2.5cm on both raw edges and machine stitch together, close to the folded edge. I added a small flap of fabric, to which I later added a press fastener, slipping this in between the lining and the outer.