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Wish List

  • artists' quality watercolour paints
  • cinema season ticket

Favourite Sites

  • ravelry
    An online knitting community, great for sharing enthusiasm for knitting and crochet, and a good source of patterns.
  • Knitting is fun!
    I've just discovered this site with a great range of glorious yarns imported by Bev Beattie.
  • Jamieson and Smith yarns
    Jamieson and Smith spin and dye wonderful woolen yarns in a range of very inspiring colours
  • Style guru
    Style, fashion, design and brands from an anthropological perspective. Ted Polhemus is the author of Street Style.
  • Beautiful yarns
    Julieta's yarns and the things she makes from them are truly stunning. Visit the website or pop along to Greenwich Market.
  • Wonderful painting holidays
    artEscapes offers painting holidays in the UK and abroad with two lovely Scottish artists, Nicky de la Peña and Laura Magliveras. Destinations include Scotland, St Ives, Spain, Greece and Mexico.
  • Gooseflesh
    A very serene site with some great creative crochet projects.
  • Earth Angels Bears, Dolls & Folk Art
    I wish there was a shop like this in London...
  • Janet Bolton - Textile Pictures
    A wonderful textile artist with a unique style and fabulous hair...
  • Made in Hastings
    Glimpses into a unique art and craft shop on England's south coast.


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One-Line Bio

Artist, Writer and Editor


Terrace Road Junior Mixed & Infants, Swansea
Blackheath High School for Girls, London
Croydon College of Art
Newcastle Polytechnic, Faculty of Fine Art
Ravensbourne College of Art & Design
The Slade School, University College London
University of Greenwich, London

I support myself by working as a freelance editor; I also write books and magazine articles on subjects such as knitting, crochet, embroidery, collage, photography and painting.

I live in London, in a house with four bedrooms, a big, homely kitchen and a back yard just big enough for a table and four chairs.

In my handbag: sketch book, pencils, camera.

On my bedside table: books on the history of English, notebook and pen.

In my fridge: beer, olives, pancetta.

In my bathroom cabinet: pink and purple hair dye.

In my dreams: a house on the beach.